It is a well-known fact that we are worrying about what’s happening in the world. We have got a lot of valuable and special properties in our houses. So we have to provide protection against the evil that stalks outside. With this purpose, the window bars, one of the most common home security equipment, are undisputedly one of the precautions that we should take.

I would like to mention some important points about the use of window grills. For example, it protects your children from the risk and danger of leaning out of the window. Also, it prevents the big substances that could come from outside to inside.  What I mean, consider that the kids who play football in your neighborhood and think twice that window glass that may be broken. On the other hand, you can beautify your house with stylish window bars. There are different types of window security bars.

Security & Decoration

The window grills which are used both protection and decoration purposes are generally made out of raw materials respectively, steel, aluminum, iron, and alloys like, bronze, wrought iron, etc. Apart from its raw materials, the colors that are preferred by people are its own original but they mostly get window grills painted. The favorite colors are black, white, grey, brown, etc.

There will also be beneficial concerning how to install a security grill step by step for your home. First, measure the height and width of your window because it determines whether your window guard is vertical or horizontal. However, having said that you have to check your local building code before you install it. Second, choose the mounting technique, what I mean there are three known types of mounting brackets for installing window grills, such as, projection bracket, flush mount bracket and inside mount bracket. For large windows  T-bracket, connector pins are used. Third, unpack your window grill, place the mounting brackets the security grill with a hammer, match the security grill with the window perfectly. Lastly, mark the screw holes,  pre-drill the holes and place the screws before driving the one-way screws with a drill machine.

Nowadays, most people use window grills for their windows. But its decoration aspect is recently common among the people. I hope the types of productions of window grills will be diversified with innovation and technology. In this regard, it could be a silver lining for those who are interested in the concept of doing it yourself. It is just a matter of time.




Images via: Vivadecora, Diprinzio, Kunstschmiede und metallbau, Bako schmiedekunst, Bex Simon, Delta stal, instagram, k 33, Stobblehouse, Carpenteria Metallica Pinna