Balconies have an important place especially for people living in the apartment to breathe, rest and engage in different activities. For this reason, apartment balconies should be designed in accordance with the needs and usage. Apartment balconies can be of different sizes. Some apartments have a large balcony, while others may have smaller balconies. Therefore, when decorating apartment balconies, the size of the balcony is the first thing to consider.

Decorating Small and Large Apartment Balconies

When arranging large apartment balconies, furniture selection, balcony floor, and plant use come to the fore. On the other hand, decorating small balconies seems to be somewhat more difficult because it is necessary to be more selective to make an arrangement where you can spend time in a small area. For example, it is important to avoid using excessive and dysfunctional items. For small apartment balconies, the important thing is to create a comfortable and useful outdoor space. Comfy small apartment balcony ideas can help you makeover small balconies that normally seem dysfunctional and useless.

Vertical and Horizontal Designs

For large apartment balconies, more horizontal decoration ideas can be applied, wide and large furniture selections can be made. However, using more vertical designs for small balconies is important to use the space effectively. These horizontal and vertical designs apply from furniture selection to flower pot and plant arrangement ideas. For example, you can use larger pots and plants on large balconies. But for small balconies, it would be better to use railing planters or vertical planter stands. In this sense, the use of smaller flower pots and plants is recommended.

In addition, by using a vertical planter stand, you can increase the variety of plants and have a more colorful balcony. As you can see in the photos, you can turn apartment balconies into very comfortable and useful outdoor spaces. The use of color, plant, and furniture choices all depend on your balcony size, need, and desire.