Gabion is nowadays one of the favorite decoration styles and it has fields of usage in home, garden, and land use plan. In other words, most garden furniture can be designed with gabion. Such as firepit, planter, garden walls, and balcony fence. Today, we are going to inspire you with some creative gabion fire pit ideas that will fit your garden or any outdoor spaces. We will first why you should have a gabion fire pit in your garden. Secondly, we will tell you the advantages of using gabion when you decorating your home and garden. Lastly, we will give some great gabion examples for your garden.

At first, gardens are areas where you might spend your leisure time alone. In addition to that, we can have a party with our friends. Moreover, you may prefer to choose the sitting areas around the fire pit when you celebrate your traditional days. For example, stump stool can be a good choice for increasing the sitting areas. What’s more, gabion also provides more sitting areas for one who usually has a crowed party and a big family. Because gabion has a sitting area itself and you can plant more surrounded sitting areas the gabion fire pit. Here, it catches your eye that the designer used the marble and granite to widen the sitting areas. Moreover, the gabion fire pit usually is ideal for the patio to furnish.

Why Should We Prefer Gabion?

  • It is safe in the case of fire because it is made from basically natural stone (such as andesite, dacite, diabase and so on) and galvanized iron
  • Easily applicable as a landscaping material
  • Gabion is durable and gives a chance you to use a long time
  • It can be easily shaped or curved when you decide its dimension or shape
  • You can paint gabion whatever the color you want
  • It is compatible with most garden furniture

Using Gabion Fire Pit as Garden Furniture

We have different options to furnish our gardens. So, one of these options is a fire pit. As we mentioned before, it is useful and has great advantages. Now, we can show you some lovely examples that you may apply to one corner of your garden. The important point is the area that you will plant a gabion fir pit. Because the dimension of the fire pit will be based on the free area that you have in your garden. In addition to that, the gabion is a useful material for one who likes to decorate her garden in a natural and modern way. Lastly, unlike certain garden furniture, gabion can take the shape of what you want. Such as you might want to have squared or curved gabion fire pit. Here, your need is important, because you might use your gabion fire pit as a grill or just as a fire pit.

Images source: gabion barriers, gabion city