As the square meters of houses get smaller in cities, we become prisoners of a life away from nature. Especially if you live in the heart of the city among tall giant buildings devoid of greenery, an apartment balcony has become a place where you can breathe and feel good. With the arrival of spring, everyone who wants to breathe the smell of spring runs to the apartment balcony. Even in the city center, the balcony is a means of opening up to the outside world and communicating with nature and the sky. When this is the case, the balcony garden design of these houses becomes at least as important as the interior room designs.

Greener Outdoor Places

Don’t the balconies, which are the most enjoyable and active living spaces of our homes in hot seasons, deserve much more than putting a table and chairs and creating a simple sitting area? It is a fact that the gardens and balconies, where we will spend at least 3-4 months, also need aesthetic decorations. Of course, it is inevitable for those living in high-rise apartments to yearn for green. The craving for green is sometimes so great that you decide to turn your balcony into a garden. Living in a house with a garden is, of course, the biggest dream of many people, but a garden is not necessary for you to live in the green. It is possible to bring nature to your apartment balconies with colorful garden ideas. If you want, you can turn your balcony into a balcony garden.

Balcony Garden Design Tips

When designing a balcony garden you should insulate the area that will be turned into a green garden. After completing the insulation of this area using waterproofing materials, the second thing to do is to determine the perimeter and boundaries of these areas. Create a mini garden in pots or containers that you define the boundaries of. You can choose any of the alternative ideas to turn the balcony into a garden. But the most popular idea in balcony garden designs is balcony container vegetable gardening.

Balcony Vegetable and Fruits Gardening

There is no other joy in growing your own vegetables and fruits. Is there anything like consuming the fruits and vegetables you planted yourself? You don’t necessarily need large gardens for this, you can create your own garden on a small balcony. It is possible to grow many fruits and vegetables on the balcony, from tomatoes to strawberries, from eggplant to beans, from lemons to peppers. You can eat cucumbers and tomatoes that you grow yourself, and collect the harvest from your lemon treeā€¦ The benefit and pleasure of doing balcony garden, as well as the taste of the vegetables and fruits you grow yourself, do not end with telling.

Balcony Herb Garden

If balcony garden design is new to you, aromatic herbs such as basil, mint, parsley, arugula, and rosemary are the simplest and ideal choices. You have two different options, such as placing a live branch of the plants you bought from the market in a glass of water and waiting for it to take root, or using the pre-packaged seeds. Aromatic plants are mostly cheeky plants that grow quickly in small soils. For this reason, your work will be relatively easier. If you intend to grow other vegetables and fruits after fresh spices, it would be better to use an equal amount of peat and sterile soil mixture. You can also add clay or ash for extra nutrition if you wish.

When balcony garden design, you should act like an interior architect and landscape architect. In order to organize both the garden and the balcony, you must have knowledge about landscaping, and at the same time, you must have knowledge about both balcony design and vegetable gardening decoration. Otherwise, a bad synthesis may occur on the balcony. When balcony garden design, you can act according to your own style in order to have a green and stylish garden, or you can get help from interior landscape architects who are experienced and experienced in apartment balcony gardens.