Lack of enough space is a difficult situation when you host your family or your friends. Especially, if you have traditional family meetings, home part or birthday party, more spaces play a crucial role. So, today we will give you some trick to widen your sitting areas in your garden or backyard. Today’s creating more space clue project is to make a cinder block furniture.

We wrote an article about the block bench with cinder before. The article will inspire you when you create your own project. Similar to the article, we will give you some great furniture ideas for your garden. First of all, we want to sort the advantages of using the cinder block to make the garden furniture. The main advantage is that the cinder block is easily cuttable. Thanks to this feature, you can change its shape in reference to your project. Secondly, you can decorate almost all types of furniture that are used in the garden because of its squared shape. Thirdly, you can do almost all your projects with no-tool (specific project will require functional tool). Lastly, it is a strong and durable material so it will have a long life.

In this article, we will give you lots of sample projects on how to make furniture with the cinder blocks. If you have a problem with the sitting area, you can make a bench with this stone (an example showed above) and beautifies one corner of your garden. In case of not having a table or you may want to complete your garden furniture with cinder stone, you can improve a table from the stone project. There is a gorgeous example of making a table with the stone. The creator of this project used the cinder block as a stone planter and implant some colorful ornamental flowers in the planters. It looks really cool and will fit your garden.

Additionally, you do not have to use the cinder block as garden furniture. For example, you can employ a planter project as shown below. Using candles will provide a unique appearance for your back yard with ornamental flowers. It will be a fantastic example of a wall planter.

Images via: Bhg, imgur, Borganic, Somewhat Simple, instagram, hgtv, Bhg