Planter pole ideas can be useful for you if you want to get help from the aesthetic appearance of plants in your garden or at a certain point in your home and make your decoration perfect in this way. This Planter types obtained by designing horizontal, vertical, symmetrical, or asymmetrical flower pots allow you to hold your plants together and create an area outside the ordinary. Besides, these ideas become minimal and suitable for interior decoration when made with dark metallic flowerpots. When you make a planter pole with classic clay pots and thick ropes, you can create a perfect decorative object for your garden. Projects such as the planter pole can be a good idea to create a living space in a corner where you leave it completely empty.

Now use a pendant for planter pole decoration

If you need a good DIY planter pole idea, it is now a good idea to use a sling. You can make this look permanent by placing the bottom of your flower pots at the ends of the hanger and using some tools. The pots you place on the left and right parts of a flat material create a very colorful look. When ordering the pots, choose not to make the right and left row symmetrical. In this way, you can create a more colorful and crowded image. Also, you can hang the sling you created with the help of a rope from the ceiling, or you can place it directly on the floor.

Making planter pole from tin cans

You can also use planter pole ideas to make the fences around your garden look more aesthetic. First, get acrylic paint or wood paint. Then, decide what color you want your flower pots to be. Collect your tin cans from tomato paste or different canned foods instead of throwing them away. Peel off the top lids of these cans completely and paint the outside in different colors. A colorful look will always be more impressive. With the help of strong adhesives or ropes, you can mount your colorful flower pots around a fence. For this, we recommend you to use an asymmetrical design again. This type of appearance accommodates small flowerpots. Therefore, the plants you will use may also be plants with minimal appearance in the style of miniature trees.

Use your garden tree as a planter pole

Your wide-bodied tree in the garden of your home can create an extremely good space to create an aesthetic decoration. You can install extremely aesthetic pots on the branches of this tree. For this, you can use ropes or thin metal wires. You can ensure that the appearance is holistic by painting these extra threads you will use if you wish. Then planting colorful flowers on all of these pots will create a beautiful appearance. Do not forget that such decorative ideas will make your garden more groomed and attentive.