Individuals who own a house with a garden want to be able to use their garden in the most effective and functional way. Isn’t it a great idea to decorate your garden with aesthetically pleasing areas where you can spend social time? You can call your friends in this kind of garden, or you can have long and pleasant barbecue hours with your family. Especially those who love barbecue will like the gabion fireplace areas in their gardens. Since other fireplace ideas can show contamination effects, they stain during the barbecue fire. Moreover, the corrosive effect of fire may cause these areas to lose their former appearance in a short time. With gabion fireplace ideas, the classic looks that can be used for years thanks to fire-resistant structures.

Gabin Fireplace Inside A Long Column

Check out the columns in your garden to get an unusually impressive fireplace. Generally, those who do not want the floor and fireplace to come into contact examine the ideas of high-build gabion fireplaces. One of these ideas stands below! You can fill aesthetic gray stones in a gabion along a column. Create a blank for your fireplace in your high. In this way, you will have a small but functional and decorative fireplace. It’s a great idea for both barbecue and providing warm place and lighting at night! It can also be a great alternative for those looking for classy decoration ideas.

Control the Barbecue Smoke with an Excellent Idea

If you want to apply gabion fireplace ideas at home, you can be inspired by the amateur photo below. On this gabion fireplace, you can create a chimney in harmony with the stones (yes, gray). A chimney made of advanced material does not change its color because of fire because it will be 100 percent resistant to fire. This is a great idea for you to direct the smoke that will occur when you first light the fire to a different point, especially in an open-top gabion fireplace. You can create perfect activities and parties with the chairs or stump stools you will place around this area.

Store Your Firewood in Your Gabion Fireplace

Those who love BBQ often know that the process of burning the fire can be a bit tiring. It is true that you will create an extremely fire-resistant area with Gabion fireplace. But what about the tools you use to light a fire? If you design a fireplace to create extra space, you can place your firewoods and fireplace side by side. Moreover, the firewood will create a perfect combination with the cold color of the stone and provide a modern harmony.

Use Marble for a Sophisticated Look

If you are tired of classic gabion fireplace ideas and are looking for a sophisticated look, how about the marble material that is often used in ancient buildings? Especially, marble coating around the fired points will increase the durability of the gabion fireplace extra. Moreover, marble never stains and retains its color. Also, you can build your fireplace or BBQ as a combination of both a gabion bench and a fireplace. It will be more functional for your outdoor activities.

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