If you have got a big greeny garden, I have a suggestion. Why don’t you use your clay pots as a wind chime instead of a just planter? Even if it sounds crazy, with a simple work you can have a wind chime that gives off the positive energy. Imagine you are doing yoga by sitting Indian-style at your garden right now and you have already had a perfect setting. Also, you look for serenity and peace, there is something missing. That missing is a relaxing sound that comes from hanging wind chime at your door. I mean it is up to you to create an awesome atmosphere with a wind chime.

Have you ever heard of Feng-Shui? It is an ancient Chinese doctrine. The main objective of this doctrine is to get the people harmonized to the environment with their energy. Meanwhile, Feng-Shui means Water-Wind in English. Accordingly, wind chimes matter a lot. No matter they usually use a metal chime, you could create your own Feng-Shui with a chime. We mentioned to you how to beautify your wind chime above. With a wise touch, wind chime can be made by buying different sized and solid-colored pots. Also, it could be adorned with beads in a way to place between the pots.

We all have so much time at home because of self-isolation from coronavirus. So, we tend to spend our free-time to cook more and we can spend our remaining free-time to decorate at the same time. If you are the one who has a lot of free time, we have an offer for you. We have some unique decoration ideas concerning how you can design wind chimes from clay pots.

Creating a decorative thing may be difficult at first but a guide will help you. People rarely use hand-crafted wind chimes at their home because it takes time to design. As we said, we all have enough time nowadays. First of all, we want to talk about what you will need when you decided to design decorative wind chimes for your home or garden.

A lovely way to decorate wind chimes for your home or garden is that doing it yourself. So, you will save your money and our nature by using used kitchenware and other used materials. Designing creative wind chimes are will also good for your children. Because they will improve their creative direction because they will regard this activity as a creative game.

You will need the material listed below

  • New (or used) clay pots
  • String (water-proof)
  • Dye
  • Washer (x2) / Nuts
  • Colorful beads
  • Sealing compound (or spray)

We can start to tell you how you can design your own wind chimes. If you do not have the listed materials, please procure them. Firstly, you should paint the overturned flower pots. You can use a pour painting style or just use a brush to paint. This phase will be amusing for children because they will want to dye the pots with different colors like a rainbow. When you finish painting flower pots, you should let them dry. It might take all day long. Please do not be hasty to touch it.

Secondly, if you are sure that paint on flower pot is dry, you can pass to the second phase which is perforation. All flower planter should have a hole to thread with string. Now, you can start with the bottom one. Do not forget to add washers at first and put the bottom flower pots. However, it is important to use a water-proof string to protect it on rainy days. You can use many pots as you want but 3-5 will be the optimal choice. Keep in mind that the string should have enough length to tie it on the ceiling or a tree. You may use your painted nuts between flower pots.

Lastly, you are close to the finish, you can garnish it with whatever you can imagine. Such as, it can be small bells, scallop shells, tiny planters, crystal or colorful beads. When you finish your DIY wind chimes project, you can decide where you are going to plant it. It is suitable for beautifying both your home and garden.

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