Most of the home garden and backyard deserve to be landscaped by the different types of decoration models. In this article, pathway or walkway garden ideas are going to be mentioned with interesting and important points. Also, how to install the pallet and brick pathway is going to be stated.

Pathways in the garden are a decoration type to allow the places of the garden to connect with each other. Another positive point of the walkways, you do gardening works or have fun with acquaintances without damaging grasses. These garden decorations could be easily made by your own efforts.

There are the most common types of pathways. A few examples of installing garden walkways which people should make by themselves have been given below.

Pallet Walkways

Pallet walkway has been one of the most popular ideas for garden decoration. These pathways are more convenient for the garden with abundant trees. They look more beautiful color with brown and its shades. I would like to write here about how to install a pallet pathway.

First, get a sufficient amount of pallets. There are places you could get, some of which are local recyclers, local manufacturers, distribution centers and all you need is a hammer, a saw, a crowbar, and enough elbow grease. You can also buy gloves and protective glasses. Second, put the pallet platform on the ground and use a saw in order to cut a line along both sides of the pallet platform. Third, after having made this, you must pry up all the nails on the pallet platform with a crowbar. Lastly, put the pallet pieces one by one on the mulch surface. Drill either end of the hole and use nails so as to pin down into the ground.

Brick Walkways

The use of bricks is as common as the use of pallets for installing garden pathways. Assuming that its color red or orange,  tree and flower with the same color, for example, roses, cherry trees, tulips, orange and lemon trees, etc. will be a perfect match between the pathway and the garden livings. In light of this information and inference, I would like to demonstrate to you how to lay bricks onto the ground.

Phase one, in order to pave bricks you must buy enough bricks and gather a brush and concrete mix (consist of cement, sand, and aggregates). For phase two, spot the appropriate pathway route, create the brick bed until it gets become smooth and decent ground. Phase three, pave the bricks and spill the concrete mix onto the gaps between bricks. Phase four, clean the surface of the bricks with a brush. Finally, pour water onto them and leave it overnight.

Flagstone Walkways

Flagstones are another walkway idea for the garden. Installing this type of walkway is as easy as we have mentioned above. I want to state the benefits of these walkways. First of all, this type of walkway has a multi-functioning decoration. It could be used for both indoor and outdoor. When it comes to its durability and density, it doesn’t easily get harmed under harsh conditions. In other words, once you install it in your garden and keep cleaning it. It doesn’t require many gardening works. Another good point is its elegance and aesthetic. Walkways, the shape of which is rectangle, square, quadrangle and circle is highly mostly recommended.

Apart from pallet and brick walkways, you could install pathways, such as cobblestone, gravel, mosaic stone, pebblestone, concrete, etc. Finally, it is possible to have such brilliant pathways with competent craftsmanship. Moreover, you could install some of them for less than ten minutes. If you have a garden with a front yard or backyard, I recommend you consider the options mentioned above. I hope you would adopt this decoration idea.

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