If your garden consists of elevations and low areas, you can use step designs to make your garden more useful as a whole. As we mentioned before, there are different gabion projects for your garden. Moreover, the details of gabion steps, which will blend perfectly with the natural and aesthetic appearance, generally create a harmonious decorative area in both small gardens and large gardens. Gabion steps are the name given to the structures created by the combination of natural stones and metal wires. Compared to other stairs or steps options, these decorative areas have the following advantages:

  1. Gabion steps are very suitable for use in open areas such as gardens. Because outside weather conditions such as wet, moisture, hot or cold do not cause gabion steps material to deteriorate or wear out immediately. Therefore, you can continue using the gabion steps design in your garden for many years without any problems.
  2. Gabion steps consist of natural stones and metal wires. Therefore, these steps will be very compatible with the natural and organic style of your garden. Materials such as wood require extra maintenance. Gabion steps do not require any maintenance but they still look stylish and harmonious. This situation has enabled many individuals to prefer gabion steps.

Gabion Steps With Light Wood Tread

In Gabion steps designs, you can choose the tread part of the stairs from different materials. For example, if you use an iron material, you will have a more industrial style. But if you use wood, it will be possible to get a more natural look. In the photo below, thin wood boards in light brown are used as the tread. The lower part of this staircase (the stones) is designed with dark gray stones. This example of gabion steps spreads over an extremely large area. Especially those who operate places such as restaurants for celebrations or other events can design these areas in this way. Such places can be preferred not only to go from one place to another but also to spend time on the steps by sitting.

Gabion Steps without Tread Sheet

When gabion steps are made using sufficiently durable materials, they do not need any extra treadplates. If you think wood is difficult to maintain or if you live in a very rainy area, we recommend that you do not use wood. Instead, assemble the wires made of metal in the best quality way. In this way, you can use gabion steps without adding any extra decorative elements. You see an example of this in the photo below. If you are going to use it this way, take care to fill the interior completely with stone. Because metal wires will become more durable by getting support from the following stones.

Gabion Steps Resistant To Water Exposure

Why are Gabion Steps preferred in almost all outdoor areas? Because when the object, which can become both decorative and functional furniture, designed to be gabion style, it becomes really resistant to external factors. Outdoor rain or other moisture factors cause many materials to age or corrode. Gabion steps are highly resistant to any kind of water exposure (even for the sea). In the photo below, you can see that an area by the sea is made very decorative with gabion steps. Here, the gabion steps placed between the sands also serve as a breakwater. In such extended gabion steps works, these areas can also be used as a gabion bench.

We have also mentioned the gabion bench designs in detail in the types of gabion ideas that we published before. For a completely holistic view, you can create integrity by using a gabion bench in the garden or outdoors where such steps are located.

Image sources: jarosz, custom gabion