There are growing appeals for stump stools on home decoration but people have difficulty creating their decoration style. With the help of the do-it-yourself (DIY) concept, these difficulties appear to be handled by human efforts. In this article, stump stools, one of remarkable home garden decorations, are going to be mentioned with its use purposes, materials and how to be decorated with colorful pieces of stuff.

The way it was made and decorated

Stump stools are mostly made of woods, such as Sorbus, teak, cedar, it may even be synthetically made of cement tree. If these woods are expensive to have, there are an infinite number of woods around the world. Interestingly, a wooden trunk can be turning into awesome rustic stools, Cyprus stools, twisted stools.

If we would like to have nice stump seats, in addition to looking stylish. Unfortunately, It requires fine craftmanship but nevertheless, in order to have a log stool, you have got to get materials and tool required such as chainsaw(optional), hammer, spatula, drill machine with wire wheel, sanding machine, spar urethane, epoxy(optional), by depending on its use purposes (feet, small wheels).

Cheap Decoration

Wanting to decorate our home garden, suddenly, we find ourselves having to spend a lot of money on expensive decorations. That isn’t the true story. I would like to demonstrate step by step an example of how to make stump stool. First, peel off of the layer of its bark with the help of a hammer and spatula. Second, use a drill machine with a wire wheel until all surfaces become smooth wooden. Third, Use several coats of urethane or apply just epoxy, wood filler is also an option, meanwhile, if you don’t apply urethane or epoxy, your stump could be decayed by fungus. You can use a fungicide to prevent such a possibility. Fourth,  leave it overnight. Lastly, good job! you did it!

Having been made, the decoration of the stump stool is up to you. You can add colorful pillows on top of it. On the other hand, you can decorate it with carvings like flower and animal figures, face expressions, for instance, emojis on its edges.

Lastly, stump stools are key elements of garden decoration. In this article, information and ideas were given about stump stools. Specifically, its make and decor types were mattered. But still, this decoration will presumably gain the popularity that it deserves with time

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