Did you know that you can make your garden or a public open space very aesthetic in a very short time by taking advantage of gabion decoration ideas? Gabion animals’ views, in particular, can be extremely useful for creating artistic spaces. Contrary to what is known, gabion decoration ideas can be perfect not only for creating functional sitting and waiting areas but also for designing small spots of artistic value. In this context, we will talk about gabion animal ideas with you. Keep reading our content to see how to combine animal figures with different themes with the gabion method.

Gabion Bear Idea For Your Backyard

If you have children who love polar bears, how about using gabion bears as a decoration idea? This kind of artistic work idea, combined with the simple and classy general decoration of your garden, can bring great results. For a classy look in general, we recommend that you prefer the outer skeleton of gabion in black. Of course, you can get different themes with different colors.

Gabion Butterfly Ideas

Butterflies are figures that can perfectly match the garden. If you have a garden with plenty of flowers and greenery, it may be a good idea to add a specific size of the gabion butterfly decoration you set among them. Moreover, you can add an extra decorative element to the small flat area where the two wings of the butterfly meet. This area can also be an extremely logical point for a flowerpot and a plant.

Gabion Elephant Ideas for Biggest Gardens

Choosing gabion elephant ideas in your large gardens allows you to create a completely different exotic area. Moreover, gabion decoration materials, which do not get harm because of different weather conditions, will remain solid and new in your garden for many years. You can create the elephant look extremely big and lifelike. If you wish, you can place gabion elephant miniatures on a stone from large to small. Such luxury gabion elephant decorations can create magnificent areas in luxury hotel decorations or in the front gardens of corporate buildings.

Gabion Rabbit Ideas for Unique Areas

The looks we’ve mentioned so far may have been a little too big and rough for your decoration taste. How about using gabion rabbit ideas for a classier decorative space? In the gabion rabbit miniature, the parts of the rabbit’s ears can perfectly match with classic decoration. The cool colors of the stones in the interior will double the stylish look. Individuals with a large house use such appearances even in interior decoration. It can be placed near the fireplace, especially in houses with such an area, or in houses with a winter garden, these gabion rabbit ideas can be a great decoration.

Gabion Hippo Ideas

If you like catching a marginal aura using unusual animal figures in your living space, how about using huge hippopotamus figures? This figure, which requires a little more material than others, can be quite large. Of course, when you work with a good master, you can also create versions of this figure in different sizes.

Gabion Turtle Ideas For The Best Decoration

This type of miniature decoration idea may look great, especially in personal gardens. We shared different applications of gabion turtle ideas in another article.

Images source: my modern met, avito, peter