Creating artistic and aesthetic corners in public spaces is something that many municipalities prefer. For this, many artists with expertise in decoration and architectural fields work. Artists prefer to build structures that will not be damaged by external factors, do not contain valuable materials, but still look highly aesthetic. This is how gabion art ideas turn into basic decoration objects of outdoor spaces.

Andries Botha is one of the artists actively working in this field. He has fit many artistic structures in his 67 years of life. This artist, who also has a political activist identity, lives in South Africa and has created many examples of gabion art. In addition, Joshua Wiene is another artist who has managed to create excellent examples in the field of gabion art. Joshua Wiene has also worked on the Marble Institute of Colorado. Especially the works created with the aim of generating more aesthetic points in public spaces form the basis of Joshua Wiene’s work.

How Can Gabion Art Works Be Used?

Gabion art can create great results for more aesthetic views in common areas, squares, areas where traffic and city views are boring. Moreover, the figures that can be created with this type of art are also very diverse. You can choose gabion animal figures if you wish. As another idea, you can choose to design common areas such as the benches that people will prefer to sit as gabion benches. If you want to find a different perspective, you can add an extremely artistic ambiance to the general image of the city with human sculpture gabion options. In any case, the gabion style used in public areas will look extremely durable and modern. Such sculptures are ideal for creating a marginal appearance at the museum entrances. Or for the entrance sections of the library, school, and other corporate buildings.

Gabion Art in the City Symbols

Wide intersections at the city entrances often host some large and impressive symbolic figures. Indeed, these symbols generally are made for representing the city’s valuable features. Moreover, the figures at these intersections can be quite wide and long. It can be a great idea to use gabion art methods to build such a structure in the most solid way. In the photo below, you can see the gabion artwork, which has a circular structure. The perfect shape of the strands ensures that this artistic work has an impressive appearance.

Images source: Joshua Wiener, peter, Another Day in New Zealand, my modern met, Andries Botha, Sunny Wieler