The impressive benches, which we encounter in the streets in general, are produced at the end of a detailed decorative creation process. These bench ideas must also have a theme that will adapt to the texture of the city. It is also possible to see gabion bench seat types in some large garden houses. Such images make the open space more attractive. Generally, gabion bench types can be made more decorative with additional functions such as gabion mailbox, gabion firepit, or planter. Firepit structures, especially if you are considering creating a decorative gabion bench seat in your backyard, might be the idea for you.

Luxury Gabion Bench Seat

Those who prefer a more elegant and metallic style can consider smoked color as a good alternative. Bench colors, such as smoked, are often combined with the appearance of stones. In this way, the appearance becomes extremely luxurious. There may be parts that provide an aesthetic appearance. These parts can also be decorated as natural areas where plants can be found. It is also possible to build the bench in teams with an additional platform that will stand in front of it. In this way, the person who will spend time on the bench can use this functional area.

Gabion Bench More Durable Than You Think

There are two reasons why the gabion bench is more durable than you may think. The first one is that the bench is mounted on concrete briquette. The second one is that the wire is solid and durable. For example, this bench model, which is classic and decorative, has a gabion basket at the bottom. These legs, which look like a basket filled with decorative stones, make the bench look harmonious with the general texture. The general structure of the object, which contains materials such as Fascia boards, Iroko timber slat, and other slats together, creates a warm and cozy environment due to its wooden texture.

These types of benches can add extra beauty for your outdoor places especially for the backyard of the houses. Extra precautions can be taken to prevent the board from being damaged when it rains. In general, the materials for structures should be UV protected. In this way, despite the long-term use, aging from the sun is minimized.

Colorful Banks with Baskets full of Stones

High platform benches can be used frequently in street decoration. Benches in two different colors below can be also shown as examples. High benches, which create a more comfortable space, are also preferred in natural colors to have an environmentally friendly look. The fact that the benches are made of wooden material creates an extra advantage in heat conduction. It is possible for 3 people to sit at these benches at the same time. It is also surrounded by baskets that hold the benches in their entirety. Different brands produce glossy or matte versions of these models and offer different colors to the municipalities or individuals who want to add a different atmosphere to their garden.

images source: the old bakery, furnitubes, gabiona, stokertje