Gabion decoration and art design products attrıacks the attention of numerous artists and artistic production-oriented institutions since the first day of its appearance. You can see many gabion sculpture productions both in museum entrances, art school entrances, and home decorations. You can create a highly aesthetic and modern space by choosing options such as gabion planter. Furthermore, you can use a gabion mailbox in the area where your mailbox is located in front of your home. Moreover, you can use gabion animal figures in your home garden. In addition, you can use a large number of gabion materials directly as furniture.

Gabion Furniture Ideas

The reason why many people use gabion design frequently in gardens is that they always have a structure that is durable against external factors. In addition, they can be used for a long time. In this context, you can choose this style frequently both in the lower bodies of the tables, in the edges of the fireplaces used for barbecue, and in designs such as the gabion bench. After using metal materials horizontally and vertically to form small squares, placing natural stones into these metals is sufficient to have aa gabion-style decorative object. Natural stones to be used can be black if you wish. Black color will be an excellent choice for those who love classic and elegant decoration. If you want a more natural ambiance, you can choose the more natural, close to solid color options.

Gabion Decorative Object Ideas

We said that you can use gabion design in the materials and furniture products that you use in the garden during the day. But you can also use the gabion style used in different decorative items. For example, if you have a large garden, you can make your favorite animal figure in the middle of your garden with a gabion style. Decorative items such as Gabion planter can also ensure something. The objects you place in the garden adapt to the natural texture of the garden. You can place long and rectangular gabion planter types at the points where your garden and your house meet.

Gabion FirePlace BBQ

All of the materials you can use within the framework of Gabion design are highly resistant to fire or water, bad weather conditions, or moisture. If you choose gabion fireplace bbq, you will not be able to observe conditions such as fraying or deterioration in a short time in the area you use as a barbecue. Moreover, if necessary, you can use the gabion fireplace area that you will use in the column or in a corner of the garden. Both ideas will provide a romantic and warm atmosphere when you want to light a fire to warm up.

How To Separate Garden With Gabion Walls?

Do you have a large garden and want to separate it into different areas? Then gabion decoration ideas can be really useful for you. Using a screen in the middle of your garden or building a wall may not look aesthetic at all. However, for example, you will have the chance to create a very aesthetic ambiance with the gabion wall. It will separate the part to be cooked and the part to eat. For example, in the photo, you see below, both the chimney used to direct the barbecue smoke to a certain place, and the separator was used in the same platform. In this way, it is now possible to prevent visual pollution and to make it possible to breathe cleaner air during the barbecue.

Large Garden Gabion Bench

If you want to rent your plot for celebration days like weddings, using large gabion benches can be a great idea. If you are a person who often likes to party in the garden or entertain guests in the garden. The lower bodies made of gabion, which will definitely not spoil the natural and organic atmosphere of the garden. It will also make the benches very aesthetic. Moreover, such benches will continue to be resistant to different conditions for a long time.

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