Have you ever thought that it is possible to create perfect artistic spaces with stones and metal wires? Many schools interested in artistic works worldwide inspire the basic logic of gabion decoration ideas. Gabion decoration ideas are not the only kind of school produced to make the interior or exterior decoration of your home more aesthetic, but also an artistic creation style.

Did you know that a Gabion Human Sculpture was exhibited at the entrance of the famous Nevada Museum of Art in America? This sculpture, designed in accordance with the human anatomy, forms one of the most interesting structures in this area. What would you think if we say that you can use these structures that the most famous artists created in different areas such as the Nevada Museum of Arts or Sculpture at the University of New England in your home decoration? It is possible to turn your living space into an impressive artistic area. Yes, you heard it right!

Artistic Gabion Decoration Ideas

How you use gabion decoration ideas is entirely up to you. If you wish, you can obtain different animal figures in line with these ideas. For example, gabion turtle ideas, gabion animals ideas, gabion fire pit, or gabion bench ideas. These all amazing ideas are often used especially in personal gardens decoration. In addition, thanks to such ideas, it becomes possible for your garden or any common living space to look more elegant than before. Also, in the gabion decoration, human figures highlight the semantic feature of the decorative element. Moreover, such decorative elements are main themes that many people use at the entrance of the museum and near the doors of public spaces such as the library add a completely spiritual ambiance to the area.

Artistic Gabions by Celeste Roberge

Celeste Roberge was born in Maine and studied art in Maine College of Art for a long time. Furthermore, she is one of the most successful designers in gabion human sculpture. Moreover, it is known that the famous artist got her education at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. In addition, her work on the use of the Gabion method in the human figure were subjects of inspiration for different designs and decoration ideas today. Rising cairn, walking cairn, body, and sea themes dominate the sculptures made by this artist.

Different Gabion Ideas with Different Colors

In the photos we shared with you, you see that the classic stone color is combined with a black skeleton. Sometimes you may find that the skeleton has a gray or silver color. Of course, this style is the way we see most in gabion decoration examples. But still, you can use your own decorative imagination. Moreover, you can create a more striking decorative space with glass stone looks. In addition, you can add your own touch to your decoration by choosing the skeleton or stones to be of different colors.

Gabion human sculpture ideas with stones ornamental gravel

Different stones will add a different spirit to the gabion human structure decorations you have designed. For example, gabion human sculpture ideas with stones ornamental gravel often make the sculpture look more realistic and more striking. In such a view, you can use the corners of the stones with different colors. They will highlight different points of the body of human sculpture.

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