The home garden is a never-ending concept. People always find a way to beautify their home garden. But do not say what can I do more. I mean it is a just mailbox. Have you ever heard of a gabion mailbox? What is the definition of gabion? Let’s get started.

Gabion is a cage filled with natural stones and generally used in public utilization, milliary purpose, and landscaping. Nowadays the landscaping point is getting popular and thus we see a gabion mailbox in front of our houses. In the view of the function and decor, this big metal grill basket works perfectly. Interestingly, there are different kinds of gabion projects such as a planter, arts, furniture, wall design, and gabion fire pit.

Judging from its outlook gabion seems very grey and formal when the natural stones and galvanized iron cage combined. However, it looks like art because it has a shredded wall with different sized stones instead of a single smooth wall. Meanwhile, most of the people use the same stones in rain garden projects. Besides in terms of their shapes, the gabion is a block such as a cylinder, square prism, rectangle prism or surprisingly a drawer. Plus you could install the inside of the garden as well as the outside.

There are all sorts of mailboxes in urban areas. Here are roadside, pedestal mounted, cluster and parcel locker respectively. Could we make them compatible with the gabion? The answer is yes. We could use it for the same purpose. By the way, the gabion mailbox can have more than one eye. It is both for you and your neighbor. So residents whose houses adjacent to each other may use it.

Alarm & Entry Phone Idea

Have you ever noticed you could put an alarm on a gabion mailbox? I know it is expensive but if you get delivery with a high-security level, for instance, an official paper. I don’t know how much safe your neighborhood but you may need an alarm for your gabion mailbox. I gotta admit it is hard to tell you but could save your life.

Another advice for those who have a gabion mailbox is about communication with the paperboy or postman. I mean if an alarm device could be managed to put on a gabion mailbox, likewise an entry phone could either. Hence, neither you go to the door nor postman comes to the door.

Honestly, I would like to have this gabion mailbox too. Because this metal grill works not only for parcel, post and delivery system but also for security-oriented, for example, window security bars are made of similar materials. What a coincidence! Meanwhile, it is up to add value to your gabion mailbox. What I mean is you can give a stylish look, for example, it is possible to place the metal apartment number.

Do It Yourself Time

Now I would like to write down it is making for you by phases. It is quite simple.

Tools: shovel, level, bucket, wire cutter

Items: a mailbox, natural stones, welded mesh, helical connectors, cement bag, wood post


  • Assemble your welded mesh and helical connectors to make a gabion basket.
  • Find a convenient place for the gabion basket and determine how height is it going to be? (Recommended: 43 inches – 110 centimeters)
  • Dig 21 inches (54 centimeters) hole for the base of the gabion basket.
  • After digging the hole, when cement mix is okay, place the wood post into the hole and measure with the level whether it is straight or not before the mix hardens.
  • Leave it for approximately 7 hours until the mix hardens.
  • After the cement cures, place the gabion basket over the wood fence post. The basket must be 7 inches (18 centimeters) below the ground.
  • Tel kesiciyle posta kutusu girişini açın.
  • Sepeti taşlarla doldurun.
  • Harika iş başardın!

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