Do you like creating aesthetics and different corners in your garden than other gardens? Then gabion decorative ideas can be really good inspirations for you. There are different gabion ideas such as a planter, fire-pit, bench seat, and mailbox, as well. One of The amazing ideas is the gabion turtle that can fit with your decoration taste you if you are an animal lover in your garden. Those with a large garden prefer certain areas to be transformed into an aesthetic space for photoshoots or party invitations. If you have such a purpose but don’t want the image to spoil the natural ambiance, you can get the image of gabion turtle by using natural stones.

Using Pots On The Gabion Turtle

Gabion turtle models are extremely large and can be designed to form a wide platform. In such designs, the top part of the turtle turns into a flat area where the flower pot will be placed. You can place your green and broadleaf plants in this area with their modern flower pots. Generally, it is recommended to prefer modern pots and black pots. Because the gabion decoration look also contains the frame black and the stones create a cool ambiance. It is important that decoration can provide integrity.

Gabion Turtle Ideas in Different Sizes

If the garden of your home is not very big but you believe that gabion turtle models can add a different ambiance to there, we have a very good idea for you. With this idea, you can add such models to your garden. You have a chance to create minimal gabion turtle models on small boards or stones. In this way, you will look like you are feeding a turtle in your garden. The decorative turtle image will make your garden a lively and colorful space. As you can see in the photos, you can get a few gabion turtle models of different sizes. When you put them together, you will create a holistic and beautiful combination.

Gabion Turtle Ideas in Different Colours

By painting the outer skeleton of the gabion turtle model in different colors, you can get a more classic or more natural look. Generally, the wire made of metal that forms the skeleton can be silver or black. But if you wish, you can create a warmer image by painting the frame in green color. Moreover, it will be possible to create a more fun decorative space by painting the stones you will place in the gabion turtle. Do not hesitate to use your creativity when applying such ideas to your garden.

Images source: livemaster