There has been plenty of bright ideas for indoor decoration. Yet, a few are cheap, stylish, and decorative. Today, I am going to mention the idea of hats as wall decors. Also, I am going to share how to install a hat rack at the end of the post.

Hats as wall decors

There is an incredible number of hat models in the clothing industry. To illustrate, these are sun hat, floppy hat, Panama hat, straw hat. This decoration idea is generally for indoor decoration and interior design. You can make your hat on the wall arrangement with an average of five different chic hats. This decoration type is both a decent and decorative way to get together your American style and European style hats.

Hat rack models to hang on the wall

We need to turn the ordinary wall into a sweet and eye-catching wall. So there are a lot of decorative things to put on the wall, for example, stairway galleries, clocks, utensil holders, and so on. If you are a hat collector, you are a lucky candidate to have a chich wall. Also, you can use that wall as a hatcheck. Above all, hats are not only an accessory for people but also a part of interior decoration. For instance, the wall with a light color will always draw attention to your hats. For example, a white wall is a significant backdrop for this type of hat rack. In a sense, you can make a geometrical shape concept for your wall.

For this design idea, I think the exact position of the decorative hat rack should be near the entry door. In my opinion, it would look beautiful. However, it isn’t a general rule. As long as you are happy with its place, you can choose the room you want. Making a hat arrangement is pretty simple. Above all, it is pocket-friendly. There is no necessity to open holes in your wall. You can buy sticky hooks to hang your hats harmonically.

Do It Yourself: Hats as wall decors

Different sorts of hat racks are available for you. But, I am going to mention the simple way in this section. Good luck.

A) Materials & Tools

Hats (in the number of what you want), rope, scissors, hooks, black binder clips, a hammer

B) Instructions

1) Cut the rope in a way that it will be two long and one short.
2) Use the hammer to nail hooks on the wall.
3) Attach the hats to the ropes in a row.
4) Hide the clips after attaching.

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