If you want to furnish your home in a way that your cats can feel pleasant, you can be in search of different decorating ideas. Indoor cat house plans generally recommend buying a separate material for your cat to sleep or have an enjoyable time. But we have a different idea for you. You can turn a certain portion of the materials that you need in your home into perfect areas for your cat.  For example, you can turn a vintage TV into a cat bed or you can create a cat bed from an old suitcase. Therefore, in order to create a modern cat house, you don’t necessarily have to buy a different product. Especially coffee tables and cat houses can be designed together as another repurpose idea for cats. This design can create a wonderful appearance in houses with minimal decoration.

Why Will Your Cat Love Coffee Table Bed Idea?

Cats love to be in small spaces that are hidden in the house. It is a great idea for them to hide or sleep in these small areas because of their wild nature. The modern coffee table cat bed ideas that no one can touch will also appreciate your cat. Cats often adapt quickly to such areas. But to shorten this adaptation process, you can put your cat’s toys on their new bed or place its food and water there. If your cat is very mobile and energetic, it can shake your coffee table and the products you put on it may break. Therefore, do not forget to consider the character of your cat when choosing these materials.

Minimal Cat House Designs with Rounded Edges

Review the general decoration of your home and decide which style of indoor cat house style you want. If you have a soft and simple style, you won’t like steep edges and hard lines. You can make a smoother combination with rounded edges. Moreover, even if your cats do not like this idea, you can use these small areas as decorative storage areas.

Colorful Nightstand with Indoor Cat Home Design

Sales of such products have increased enormously on popular decoration sites like Etsy! Therefore, it is possible to find a coffee table cat bed in many different colors. Moreover, if you do not like the color of the product you purchased, you can turn it into any color you want with the help of acrylic paint. A little tip: If you paint the nightstand table, don’t forget to apply varnish on the paint. Otherwise, your cat’s nail marks will wear out the paint immediately and even the tiniest coffee drops will stain the nightstand.

Image sources: xenos, by brittany goldwyn, Joel Chesney, PET TURE, PurrFur