In these days, where the theme of freedom is getting more and more pronounced, street arts attract attention. Since street arts have become a way of expressing fashion, freedom, youth, and entertainment, a new trend has emerged in street arts today. This trend, which we can call mural tree hair street art graffiti, enables graffiti and different fresh trees in the real world to come together to form a perfect aesthetic. In addition, impressive hairstyles attract attention, especially in these graffiti. Let’s look at the best graffiti models together.

How To Create A Mural Tree Hair Street Art Graffiti?

Check out the graffiti that brings nature and women together and also uses the impressive leaves of the trees as an additional object. To illustrate, this graffiti is an impressive example of yellow and green colors. In this type of graffiti, the prominent beauty of a black woman is frequently used. Furthermore, big eyes, a prominent fun look, and a makeup or accessory combination that fits the fashion sense of recent times add a different spirit to the graffiti. In this graffiti, we can say that glasses and make-up details have added a modern look.

Different Street Art Ideas

1) Sometimes graffiti becomes a representative of something different from itself. The graffiti below used a black man as a model. The colors on the person’s face are the same as the colors of the American flag. Representing the free spirit of America and a nationalist understanding, this image also creates an image of free and happy youth. Many university students do this type of graffiti around universities. Moreover, this tree, which has large branches, seems to fit perfectly with graffiti. Short words, such as in the photo, can be used to support the message that the graffiti wants to convey.

2) Graffiti of popular series and movie characters is often done around the world. Below you see Heisenberg, the main character of the Breaking Bad series. This iconic photo of Heisenberg looks extremely aesthetic on the wall. In mural tree hair street art graffiti models, it is sometimes preferable to keep the drawing simple and single color. In this case, the aesthetic and fascinating view of the tree is more striking.

3) Of course, in the mural tree hair street art options, you don’t necessarily have to use a green tree. A tree with bright purple colored leaves and flowers can help create an extremely attractive female image. You can capture the aesthetic appearance with fine lines.



Images sources: vinie graffiti, Gabz Lpa, Christine Stein, Mohammed Awud, Joks, Sfhir Ogt Lcsiete