Wooden pallets, which are normally used to carry loads or put weight on them, are indispensable DIY decors for home and garden decoration. In this sense, you can easily turn wooden pallets into sofas and coffee tables for outdoor spaces. Apart from these, you can also use the pallets as decorative and vertical planters for your garden or balcony. The idea of making planters with pallets will be a very useful DIY idea for your outdoor space. These ideas, which seem difficult and complex at first, are actually quite easy thanks to the easily convertible structure of the pallets. You can also easily create different types of planters thanks to pallets. For example, you can easily rectangle pallet planter, pallet square box planter, pallet step planter, vertical hanging planter with potholders.

Basic DIY Tips for Pallet Planter

Before creating pallet planters, you should decide where and how to use them. Also, you need to make some measurements. After that, you should decide the way of using the pallets as planters. There are different ways such as that you should put your potting soil directly into the pallet or you can hang your beautiful flower pots on pallets. In a first way, you should be careful about the drainage issue. In a second way, you should mount your pallet planters well on the wall. Also, you should arrange your plants and flowers in order to create an amazing-looking garden. You can find these pallets from distribution centers, local shops or companies, and pallet manufacturers.

With pallet planters, you can easily decorate your herbs and garden. Also, thanks to pallet planters, you can also access fresh herbs that you grow. For example, basil, parsley, rosemary, dill, oregano, thyme, peppermint, chocolate mint, spearmint, tarragon, lavender are some of the herbs that you can easily grow. Besides, you can grow colorful flowers into these vertical planters.