Today, we will present you with the perfect decoration idea both for houses with large gardens and for houses without a garden but with a balcony. If you like the combination of flowers and green tones in your home, put aside the classic pot ideas! With its interesting images, rain boot flower pot ideas will create wonderful spaces in your doors and garden. Moreover, the fact that these boots are in different colors will cause your decoration to have a more fun look. You can use real plants or artificial flowers in these pots. These ideas can be an excellent alternative especially for those who want to create pot areas on the doors with the help of rope!

Steps for Making A Rain Boot Wreath

  1. To make Rain Boot Wreath, you only need a few simple and inexpensive materials in your home. These materials can be listed as follows: kids rainboots, artificial tulips, wide wired ribbon, scissors! It is necessary to state this: you can use the adult rainboot for a bigger look. You can use artificial versions of different flowers instead of tulips. You can also realize this design with real plants like cactus.
  2. First of all, we recommend that you clean the outside of the boat thoroughly. In this way, you will create a colorful and impressive image. Then you need to measure the ribbon. How many meters of ribbon do you need to hang the bot on your door? Take a measurement for this. Also, check if the ribbon you have selected is strong enough to carry the boat.
  3. Then make sure that the artificial flowers have branches that are long enough to be seen over the boots. Important tip: If the artificial flowers in your hand are not so long, you can fill the boots with a different material to a certain point and then place the artificial flowers.
  4. Use one more ribbon after hanging. You need to make a ribbon from this ribbon. You can use glue while doing the process. When you are done, place the big ribbon you created on the top of the ribbon with glue.
  5. If the old boot has lost its color or you want to have a different color decorative element, you can easily change color with the help of acrylic paint and varnish! For this, do not forget to wait for the paint to dry.

It is possible to use this way by transforming your old items at different points of your home. If you are looking for decorating ideas that you can use as a wall holder in your kitchen, you can check our Different & Unique Grater Wall Utensil Holder article.

Transform Your Boots into Door Ornaments

In the examples above, you have examined that a boat is hung with a long ribbon. But if you wish, you can also use your boots as a compact door ornament with a shorter hanger. It is possible to create a circular door ornament by connecting the boots towards each other and putting artificial flowers in them. Such designs will be very interesting especially during Christmas periods.



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