If you have a large rooftop terrace, you can have many advantages in terms of design. As a first, you can consider using different types of furniture that you can easily fit into your rooftop terrace. Secondly, having a large rooftop terrace also enables you to use different decors, plants, flowers, and even small trees. Of course, with these advantages, you can use your outdoor space for different activities such as little parties, family meetings, business meetings, etc. However, if you have a small apartment roof terrace, you can design it with creative and comfy ideas. Here, I want to mention eight different rooftop terraces with comfortable designs, beautiful decors, and furniture.

1) Straw details

For the first roof terrace, there are dominant straw details on the selection of furniture. There is also a fancy hammock chair with comfy pillows. Small trees in big planters have made the terrace more natural. It is a good place to enjoy with family and friends on the long summer nights.

2) L shape wooden lounge seat

The second terrace is a small roof terrace but its design looks quite functional. L shape lounge seats are very suitable furniture for small terraces. Also, you should go with vertical designs and decors. As you see in the photo below, a wooden corner lounge has created a functional and simple roof terrace.

3) Artificial grass

The third roof terrace is green outdoor space. So, the first detail is the artificial grass for the floor. Artificial grass has made the roof terrace looking fresher. Also, vintage sunbeds, rugs, and pillows created an ambiance like a picnic. In addition, planter boxes along with the glass railings are hosting different plants surrounding the terrace.

4) Wooden outdoor design

If you are living in a lakeside area, wooden designs would be perfect to create harmony with nature itself. Here, you see a wooden terrace with a fancy lounge seating set with both metal and wooden details. So, it is a nice and comfy terrace with an amazing lake view.

5) Retaining wall garden

In order for making your roof terraces greener, you can also build a retaining wall garden. The retaining wall gardens are very suitable for plants and small trees. Of course, you should add some decorative seating set for your roof terraces.

6) Round patio sofa

As another roof terrace design option, you can use a round patio sofa. Some people prefer a firepit in the middle but a round coffee table also does the job. The retaining wall gardens were used for small plants. This rooftop terrace is perfect for small and a face to face meetings and parties.

7) Wicker lounge seating

As another furnishing idea, you can use wicker lounge seating sets. If you have a large rooftop terrace like this, you should arrange more sitting places with small coffee tables. The frosted glass railing is also a good choice for outdoor privacy.

8) Modern style furniture

The last rooftop terrace furnishing idea is using modern-style furniture. These styles are generally made of metal and wood. Modern outdoor furniture is a good option especially for designing small terraces and they are durable for outdoor places, too.