People may be indecisive about which decoration idea to choose for their small balconies. There are many beautiful and useful ideas for the small balcony design. So, it is useful to first determine your own comfort and your expectation from your balcony. This way, you can be more confident about which idea to apply to your small balcony.

Small Balcony Design Ideas

Here, you can find different small balcony design ideas to make your balcony comfy and beautiful. Firstly, there are several small balcony design ideas that are space-saving such as benches with storage, vertical wall planters, railing planters, bar top ideas and etc.

1) Balcony benches with storages will be comfortable and space-saving sitting areas. Also, you can decorate these benches with colorful pillows. These benches will be suitable for the edge of the balcony.

2) Balcony railing planters are also good design ideas for small balconies. There are different types of balcony railing planters. So, you can choose a good one that fits your small balcony. You can grow many plants and flowers in these planters without occupying too much space. Egg chairs are also a good small balcony decor by the way.

3) If you are loving plants and flowers so much and want more of them on your balcony, you should better to use vertical planter stands. For this, there are various and useful vertical plant stand ideas. For example, you can use a ladder planter, step planter, planter box, pallet planter, and so on. As you see in the photo below, there is a corner metal planter stand with lovely wicker baskets.

4) Another small balcony design idea is using functional balcony bar tops. With these bar top ideas, you will have more space. You can use them for various purposes such as studying, eating or reading. Also, there are small balcony railing tables similar to the bar top ideas.