With the spread of coronavirus, almost all of us have gotten used to working from home. Although it is still a controversial issue to say whether this is better or worse for people, it is a fact that we are all slowly adapting to this situation now. Working in the comfort of our home, with flexible working hours and away from unnecessary crowds does not sound too bad, right?  Especially if you have a small home office where you can work efficiently! If you are one of those who think that there is no room in your home to spare for work, this article is for you. You do not need large rooms at all for these offices.

You will be surprised when you see the offices you can create in small spaces that you cannot even imagine. With a few suggestions, you can use the small spaces in your home in the most efficient way and create modernly decorated offices. Let’s examine how we can design a small home office with 6 tips.

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1) Creating a home office from dead spaces

Today, people who have rooms, especially in the attic floors, consider the parts under the sloping ceilings as dead spaces. The same applies to the areas under the stairs, too. These areas, which do not make much sense to use long furniture, are ideal for designing a small office. When evaluated with furniture of appropriate dimensions, these areas create an efficient working environment by minimizing your distraction.


2) Built-in closets as a working area

Although it may seem strange at first glance, the spaces created for built-in closets are a great option for creating a small home office. Instead of shelves for clothes, you can create a suitable space for working with various wooden tables and top-mounted cabinets. Decorating the area with frames and wallpapers according to your own taste will make the space even more interesting. The biggest advantage of this design is that you have the option to hide your office whenever you want. In cases where you do not want anyone to see your office, you can maximize privacy with sliding doors or curtains.


3) Folding tables for small home office

Using foldable desks is a great idea to create a portable small home office. You can save space by easily folding these tables when your work is done. After folding these tables, you can continue to use them as shelves for flowers or other items. You can buy it ready-made or you can create your own desk at home with simple methods.

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4) Integrating floating tables into your home office

It is possible to use floating tables to evaluate unused spaces. You can turn these areas, which are too small to put a wardrobe or a TV unit, but sufficient for use as a working area, into a design wonder by using a minimum number of materials. You can place the shelves in these areas by taking support from the walls. It can be a brilliant idea to use the lower shelf as a desk for the computer and the upper shelves for decoration.

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5) Converting unused rooms to the home office

It can be a great idea to create a private office instead of using your rooms that are too small for living room or bedroom. In this way, you create an efficient working environment away from the noise of the house. Thanks to this type of room, you can easily focus on your work by staying away from distracting objects.

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6) Turning your living space into an office sound

You can create small offices in living rooms, bedrooms, and even in the hallway by using desks to match the furniture in your home. You do not need any extra space to create these small offices. It will be more than enough to choose furniture suitable for your home decoration and beautify them according to your own style.

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