If you have a duplex or triplex house, you can use the stairs that will allow you to go upstairs or downstairs in your home, to create special decorative themes. To design these stairs, which should be compatible with the general decorative style of your home, we recommend using the wall edge to which the stairs are attached. You will have created a showcase in your home with different colors and sizes of frames on these wall edges and different photos you put in the frames.

You can try different stair styles depending on the structure, size of your house, or your budget. Of course, the style of stairs you use will also affect how you use the frames. In addition, the material of the staircase, the color, and style of the over-the-post handrail area of ​​the staircase, or bluster parts can also be decisive for how the stair should be decorated.

Decorating Straight Staircase in Your Home

If you have a flat staircase, you can choose both minimal decorations and maximal decorations. The plainness of the staircase gives you an opportunity. You can create the image theme you want, without thinking about if it is too much or not. If you wish, use the ladder in two colors. You can use the land of the staircase from wood material in brown. In that case, you can also make the top of its metal or vice versa.

Based on these preferences, decide on the edges of the frames you will use on the walls. The frames can be wood-colored, metal-colored, classic silver-colored, or in the color of your wall. Moreover, you may wish to place very large frames on several basic points In that case, you can use smaller frames around them. This will allow you to create a more messy style.

So what can you put on these frames? If you wish, you can use photos of you have taken, iconic photos that you have seen and liked on the internet before. Moreover, you can use a wedding or holiday photos of your family that will help you to revive your memories. Furthermore, as soon as you get bored with this design created around your stairs, you can do that. Change both the general placement style of the frames and the photos inside the frames.

L Shape or Quarter Turn Staircase Decoration

In such shapes, the part that is on the edge of the wall is usually the longest part of the stairs. For this reason, this point is generally focused on decoration themes. Of course, exceptions may also exist. L-shaped stairs can usually be a column. Or a pole connecting two different ladder sections with each other. In particular, it may make sense to add extra aesthetic frames or aesthetic decorative products to this part. In addition, you can make a highly organized frame arrangement that represents certain integrity on your L-shaped stairs. The frames you will arrange to form pentagons or triangles side by side can be a great idea. Especially if you are someone who wants to use geometric patterns in decoration, it will the best.

Winder Or Winding Stairs Decoration

These stair styles are also mostly similar to L shape stairs. But unlike L-shape stairs, these stairs do not have a clear corner. Instead, there are steps that connect two different staircase sections obliquely. The circumference of these steps can often be a place where the wall is slightly bent. Therefore, frame placement is often preferred at points where the wall is flatter. If you want to keep your memories alive, meet your favorite views on the stairs, or add colors to your wall that will add vitality to your decoration, you can benefit from Stairway Gallery Wall ideas with peace of mind.

Moreover, feel free about frame selection. You don’t have to choose classic rectangular frames. Moreover, in this gallery, you can even hold the exhibition opening posters of your favorite painters or even the posters of your favorite movie. In addition, In the frame design, it is possible to follow a gradually increasing order like the steps of the stairs or choosing a different order. What you use and how you use it is entirely up to you.

Spiral Staircase Decoration

Finally, we want to talk about how to decorate spital staircases, which, although rarer than others, add a lot of cool ambiance to the home. Such ladders already have a highly mobile, distracting structure. Therefore, it may be more logical if the frames you choose are not very colorful and your gallery, in general, has a theme. Also, on such stairs, it may be a little difficult to place a frame in the part where the wall is curled. At this point, you can choose the extra-durable binding or installing products.

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