There are plenty of great lighting projects in home and garden decoration. One of them is the clay pot with solar light. As of late, this decoration project is the thing. This means it is a great idea for those people who want their garden to make a wonderful place. 

The Positive Aspects

Clay pots with the solar lights, particularly those that are the-art-of-state are generally saving-energy. So the bills coming at the end of the month will be pocket-friendly toward you. Also, it has no carbon emission. Therefore not only are they reduce the excessive use of the energy but they also are eco-friendly.

So why should we use solar light instead of every time we use the other lightings? I have just mentioned some of its advantages but I want to tell you the real story. The clay pots, on the top of which is a square cell absorb the sunlight and turn the sunlight into the electricity. I mean this technology provides you to illuminate your night. Therefore you aren’t dependent on the other energy resources anymore.

Clay pots with solar light isn’t a rocket-science. In other words, crafting a new one is easy. If you combined the required tools and you are a little familiar with this works, you inevitably have an elegant one. Because it is cheap and convenient for do-it-yourself projects. for that reason, I would like to write here how to craft a clay pot with solar light.

Materials and Tools

First of all, there are some materials and tools you should put together. So then here are the items:

1)     A Clay Pot

2)     The Solar Light Holder

3)     A Spray Paint

4)     A Glue

5)     A Styrofoam

6)     Decors such as; ribbon, beads, star sticker and so on.



1)   Open a drainage hole into the bottom of the clay pot.

2)   Use the spray to paint the whole surface of the clay pot with a color that you would like to.

3)   Glue the bottom of the clay pot and put the piece of styrofoam in a way to close the drainage hole.

4)   Upside down the clay pot and glue the piece of the styrofoam and the solar light holder.

5)   Decorate it with the ribbons, star sticker and so forth. (Optional)

6)   Apply the spray of both waterproof and UV-proof the protector not to fade away its color.


Images via: hometalk, etsy, old time pottery, 100 things 2 do