Those who want to be inspired by the highly aesthetic and creative decorative ideas of the past mostly prefer vintage looks. Vintage looks are styles that you can choose for all your belongings, from your sofas in your living room to your TV unit. The bohemian look, starting from the 60s to the 90s, forms the basis of the vintage style. Also, different vintage accessories have been decorated by repurposing them. For this aim, there are different ideas such as turning a vintage TV into a cat bed. Today, we will examine the Vintage TV Mini Bar ideas that have the most aesthetic and classic looks. Furthermore, you can make these products at home, which you can order readily on sites like Etsy.

You see a TV unit that became popular especially in the 1960s. Soil colors are dominant in this TV unit. Medium length feet are used to prevent direct contact between the floor and the minibar. In addition, a striped pattern is used on the interior of the TV unit to make the retro look more prominent. Also, to make them look even more interesting, there is red lighting inside the television unit.

Wide Retro TV Mini Bar Installation

If you are getting a wider retro TV mini bar similar to the above image, the installation process may take a little longer. In this case, you should be very careful not to experience electrical accidents. In addition, you should never run the interior lighting until the installation is finished. Furthermore, this ethnic TV mini bar unit, inspired by the 1970s, will become one of the most effective decoration materials in your living room. It is because of its large structure.

Vintage TV Cocktail Bar Cabinet

You can create a more impressive and functional corner. You should display both your cocktail glasses and empty and full drink bottles in the same cabin for this. We recommend placing trays and vintage glasses on the top of the cabinet. An extremely old model is used in the photo below. Moreover, this model is a relatively long model dating back to the 1950s. It may be more useful for those looking for a high minibar.

Classical White and Black Retro TV Mini-Bar

Many Cocktail Bar Cabinet with a vintage look are in wood colors and are obtained from materials such as wood, metal, electrical. Do you want to have a classic living room style and these colors do not match this style? Then you can also choose a model like the one below. Indeed, with its more linear corners and classic color combination, this TV model can be great for those who like minimalist designs. You can order such models from websites such as Etsy.

How to make a retro tv mini-bar?

The first way to turn a television into a mini bar cabinet is to remove the backing process. But it is very important not to be exposed to any electrical accident while doing this. So you should take extra precautions. In the second stage, you need to clean the part you have emptied thoroughly. If you wish, do not cut the audio cables and combine them with your different reports. In this way, you will recycle the working mechanisms! Moreover, you should add an extra plate to the back after all your work is done. Fix it with the help of a drill after painting it to the desired color and pattern. That’s it!

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