Do you love retro styles in your home? So what you need to do is pretty simple! You should recycle your old and unusable materials. We have already told you about indoor cat house ideas in detail. We wanted to add traditional and vintage cat house looks to modern and elegant looks! You can get an extremely impressive decoration by redesigning the interior of your old TV. You need to do some restoration work while redesigning your old TV. But remember: it’s definitely worth it! Because cats love their private indoor space and they really like to hide something here. Let’s talk about vintage TV turned cat bed ideas.

How a Vintage TV Turned Into a Cat Bed?

Make your own vintage TV cat bed at home. Here a vintage TV turned cat bed DIY steps:

  1. To turn your television into a vintage cat bed, you need to get rid of the cable screen and the cable structures behind the screen. What is important and decorative for you will be the frame of your vintage television. Especially 50s tv frames will be best for you, because of their nostalgic and thematic looks.
  2. Get rid of the inside of your TV while protecting this frame. It is very important at this point to cut the cables, disconnect and dispose of the electrical circuits completely from the inside. Be careful not to be harmful because of the electricity! You will also need to carefully remove the display glass. If you wish, do not cut the audio cables and use the cat house as a perfect jukebox that can play classical music!
  3. Then, clean the inside of the TV that you have drained thoroughly and put a cat cushion inside. After placing the cat cushion, you need to place a sheet on the back. You can choose colorful and patterned boards instead of white or wood boards. Fix this plate with the help of a drill.
  4. For a sufficiently aesthetic and attentive look, you can repaint the frame of your old TV and add 4 legs to it (use also varnish). In this way, the TV unit will become brand new.

If you want to buy a ready-made vintage cat bed, be sure to visit the Etsy site. There you will find cat bed products made from the ’50s and 60’s excellent televisions handmade.

Images sources: Keltainen Kahvipannu, Elle Collins, Kate, imgur, reddit, vtwonen