The exterior design of your home can look as warm and aesthetic as the interior of your home. To achieve this, you can ensure that small decorative and stylish elements come together in front of your door! Mailbox, which is located in front of each individual’s home, can become a decorative object for you. For this, if you prefer objects with different wood materials, you will get a warm image. With flowers and greenery that can be compatible with this wooden look, it is also possible to give the decoration a holistic aura. Moreover, do not hesitate to use a little paint in the decorations you use wood materials and add different colors to the design.

Below you can see the perfect combination of wood and black. This combination creates both a class and a well-maintained mailbox appearance and allows flowers or plants to create harmony perfectly with the mailbox. You can draw different writings or shapes on the mailbox using various paint patterns. It is preferred to write the letter M in the photo below.

More Durable Metal Mailbox Ideas

If you want to have a more durable and a little more secure mailbox, you can choose the general body you will use from wood and the box from metal. Indeed, we strongly recommend that you use paint and varnish to prevent the metal from rusting with the effect of rain over time. We also recommend adding a few black details to the wooden body so that a black and metal box can integrate with the rest of your garden.

More Stylish and Classic Wooden Mailbox Ideas

If you have a more elegant and luxurious house that is far from the traditional aura in appearance, you can design the mailbox in this way, too. So make the mailbox body from the classic wood material with sharper lines. The mailbox can have a smaller, modern, and minimal style. Avoid black and choose cool colors like gray. This will create a more classical and cool look. In addition, you can also write the door number of your home in the large mailbox body you have created! Furthermore, you can also apply gabion mailbox ideas for such a luxury, formal, and classical appearance!

Create Flower and Mailbox Combination on Your Garden

The body where you place the mailbox can also become a platform where you can get an aesthetic and natural look with your flower pots just like a pole planter. Moreover, if your guests come across such an image when they first enter the house, they will immediately realize that they are going to enter a very aesthetic house.

Images Sources: Torisaur, Roger S. Hart, Bluejacket, Postally Yours