There are excellent ideas to reuse the old materials in our house and to give some space to these materials in sophisticated decorations. Although repurposing is generally realized by using a different kind of paints like acrylic in general, it can also be completed perfectly by using yarn or fiber. Today, we will talk about making a yarn-bombed chair with you. It is possible for your old chair to have a more comfortable and soft floor, to adapt to a colorful and rustic decoration. If you are tired of classical decorations where almost everything is the same color, be prepared to add a new ambiance to your home with the colorful and intimate texture of the fabrics!

How to Start to Have Granny Squares?

I chose to use colorful fabrics to make my chair more colorful and more vivid. Following the footsteps of grandmothers, I wanted to do a traditional-looking colorful work. It would be a great idea to combine vibrant colors such as green, yellow, red and befitting a fabric texture. In order to cover a chair in the most accurate way, it is necessary to find small motifs that match the dimensions of that chair. When you copy these motifs with different colors and combine many copied figures you make, a perfect recovering case appears.

For this, I preferred square-shaped motifs. You can knit each square-shaped motif in size 10X10 separately. Sew flowers of different colors inside each of them. Then combine these square motifs to fit perfectly with your chair.

Add Your Own Unique Spirit to Yarn Bomb Chair

You don’t have to limit your aesthetic understanding. You can reflect your own soul on the chair. Instead of using symmetrical and identical patterns, try creating a different pattern in each granny square motif you create. Zebra pattern, leopard pattern, flower pattern, three-dimensional flowers and much more.

How to Cover Legs of the Chair with Yarn Bomb?

If the rod-shaped parts, feet and the upper body of the chair are a bit thick, you can try to wrap the wool thread you have directly on this stick. I did it this way. While decorating the rod-shaped areas in the Yarn bombed chair design, I paid attention to the fact that the ropes were consecutively and tightly wrapped. If you want, you can make a cover these parts with a one-side open coverage you sew and wrap this coverage to the stick and then knit the open part of the cover according to the size of the stick. This type of operation can provide you with more robust results.

A little tip! Each piece you sew will have points to connect with other pieces. How about using a different colored wool thread at these points? Do not stick to the limits on color selection! For instance, when connecting two different sections of yellow and green, use a vibrant red color.

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